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Walid Hijazi

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Walid Hijazi
Business Sales Specialist

A Lifetime of Business
Walid Hijazi was once a business owner with several businesses in the hospitality industry. As the years passed, he would own and sell his businesses at the most opportune time. After realising that he could make a career out of selling businesses, he decided that it would be best for him to become a business broker. 

To make his transition towards being a professional business broker, Walid joined LINK, then known as Klemms. His stint as a business broker has been successful over the years, especially in selling in the hospitality industry. Now that he has proved proficient in selling hospitality businesses, Walid aims to expand his repertoire starting with the sale of SMEs (small to medium enterprises). 

If you are looking for a multi-faceted business broker, Walid is there to help you. He is a skilled negotiator and is proficient in budgeting and business planning. His portfolio of sold businesses range from retail and sales to manufacturing and warehouse logistics. 

Success Story
All business sales present their unique challenges. Even more so for Walid’s sale of a vitamin business in 2019. Central to all the challenges of the sale was only for 80% of the business with the original owner retaining 20% ownership. The purchasers being overseas and their insistence of paying through earn outs magnified the challenge. 

Notwithstanding the monumental task of the sale, Walid managed to sell the business with all parties satisfied with the outcome. He tackled each challenge presented with an unmatchable determination and his incredible problem-solving skills to close the deal.

What Makes a Good Business Broker
Walid identifies preparation and being a proficient problem-solver to be key traits of a good business broker. Good preparation means making sure that all aspects of a business are understood and having all documentation readily available. Meanwhile, tackling challenges and making sure that all transactions move forward during the sale process are the hallmarks of a business broker with good problem-solving skills.

A Family Man
When he’s not selling businesses, Walid loves to spend time with his family. He especially enjoys watching his sons play football. For his personal hobby, Walid enjoys golfing. Whether you have questions about business or want to invite a new friend for tee time, call Walid!

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